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Double Check What You are Downloading, it Could be Malware

When you think about tools for remote working and chatting online, one of the first names in your mind is most likely Zoom. We all know it’s one of the most commonly used video meeting applications.

But its popularity has opened the door for cyber criminals.

And the bad news is they’re using its name to steal sensitive data.

Researchers have discovered there are a handful of convincing-looking websites that look like you could download Zoom from. They’re not the real thing. These ‘fake’ websites are designed to tempt you into downloading FAKE Zoom software, containing ‘info stealers’ and other forms of malware (which is malicious software).

Accidentally use one of these sites thinking that you’re downloading a Zoom update… and you risk having sensitive data stolen. Possibly getting important things like banking info or passwords stolen.

Some can even steal your multi-factor authentication details. That could give cyber criminals access to your most sensitive data.

The research also found ‘stealer logs’ for sale on the dark web. This is where criminals can buy information and use it to gain access to business networks.

But once a cyber criminal has access to your network, all your data becomes a target. In extreme cases, this can leave you vulnerable to ransomware attacks and even data theft.

While these fake sites can be incredibly convincing, there are a few easy steps

to avoid being fooled:

  • Before downloading Zoom (or any application), double check the address of the website you’re on. First off, does it look like and is it what you’re expecting? If you clicked an email to get to that site, are you 100% sure it’s from the real company?

  • Study the rest of the web page too, looking for anything that doesn’t ring true, such as spelling mistakes or a clunky layout.

  • Ensure your security software is up to date and is actively scanning for malware and suspicious downloads.

  • Make a plan to implement this advice across your business and share with your employees.

If you need any help or advice on how to keep your business protected from malware and other security threats, get in touch with us at Itechra.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

Itechra Team

Itechra Team

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