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How To Manage Network Share Permissions

Network Permissions help you to give access to the appropriate people. This helps to make sure the correct employees have access to the correct areas on your network. Your network security and the permissions you set controls access to specific network resources like files, equipment, or specific groups. For example, you can set up permissions to allow users in the sales department to have access to files relating to customers’ information or sales software. In the same way, your sales team (most likely) will not need access to Human Resources or Account information. This will help keep everyone in your company better protected as well as your business.

If people don’t need access to specific software or files they could accidentally damage others’ work based on the lack of knowledge they have on that subject. Permissions can also enable some users to read certain files but not modify or delete them. Although the topic can be controversial, not everyone should have access to all files within a company’s network. If all employees are given unrestricted access, this could lead to disaster and cybersecurity risks. Imagine if you left your home for a week just to find that you left the keys in the door. Even though you thought you were safe, your home’s security was at risk all along. This is the risk many businesses make by not restricting user access.

How it should be set up

Administering user access and permissions should be given out specifically to each employee to perform their job. This can also enable users to read certain files but not necessarily edit them, helping to save files from being compromised. You should have standard work practices for each department in your company. Note, this can vary from company to company, this is a general example. Your sales team should have access to all sales software and relevant customer information or sales and marketing materials. Your marketing team should have access to your website, marketing software, and all assets relating to marketing. This is just an example and every company and position is different. These standards need to be laid out specifically for your company and the need of each department. We all know many positions wear different hats depending on the skill sets and willingness to perform certain tasks.

Network Permissions are important

Business report that around 70% of all data loss is caused by employees? Most of the time these are done by accident with no malicious intent. It is just a lack of knowledge and a simple mistake made by an employee that was given access to something they didn’t need. Most of the data loss is done by accident and without a solid backup in place, this mistake can turn into a nightmare.
Ensuring the correct access to the correct employees is a great way to help with onboarding new employees. This will also give you peace of mind knowing that anything you don’t need other employees to see or work on stays in the possession of the people you trust to have that information. Understand what to do can be hard, let us know if we can help you answer any questions or give you a free risk assessment.
Itechra Team

Itechra Team

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