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How Working Remotely Impacts Your Business

Working from home was once necessary yet more and more workers choose to work from home now days.

It’s the big thing in business, isn’t it? And some people really love it.

Many are happier working where they want, and when they want. And that makes them more productive while also driving retention rate up.

But have you stopped to consider the downside to remote working?

What are the negative elements for your business and your people?

While many employees are happy to work from home using video calls and collaborative software to stay connected, there’s a small percentage who find the whole experience isolating.

And when that happens, it can quickly lead to a drop in motivation and happiness. It can even change the culture within your business.

In turn, this can lead to performance issues which may be even trickier to spot.

And other employees will become more susceptible to burnout as they struggle to draw a line between work and personal time. A change in their working environment can have a large impact on many workers.

And while you want your team to be happy and fulfilled in their roles, there are also some practical considerations you need to make for your business.

One is the cost of remote working. Does everyone have the right tools for the job – laptops, phones, office equipment? Maybe even an adequate desk and chair, or an internet upgrade?

But do you really need to spend twice – giving them an at home setup and investing in desks in the office as well?

Most importantly, you must put in place full cyber security protection wherever someone is working. Since there are much more cybersecurity risks from working from home, we strongly suggest that you invest in adequate wifi, cloud, and cybersecurity protection for your data.

Would you like us to audit your current setup and suggest some options? Giving technology advice is just what we do. Just get in touch with us at Itechra.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

Itechra Team

Itechra Team

From 2000, we set out to solve what was then a major problem for small businesses: having difficulty keeping up with their IT needs. We noticed that large corporations often had multiple employees specializing in different aspects of the industry and realized this approach could work well also among smaller organizations who might not be able to sustain such teams, but still require help managing an oversized workload. We provide a single resource for all your IT issues.