Are you planning to upgrade your business to Windows 11? Here’s a big problem that could catch you out

The brand new Windows 11 is due to be launched in the next few weeks. It looks beautiful and I’m sure will go on to be a very popular operating system.

But there’s a problem with upgrading existing Windows 10 computers, that few business owners and managers around here are aware of.

While Windows 11 is similar to the current Windows 10, it has strict hardware requirements. And even newer computers won’t run it unless they have a specific security feature switched on.

Windows 11 insists your computer has something called a Trusted Platform Model (TPM) chip. This is a special tamper-proof chip to generate, store and protect encryption keys. You’ll find these in the most recent computers.

But here’s the problem… often it hasn’t been enabled by default. To switch it on, you have to dive deep into the security or boot sequence settings.

In my experience, most people are very uncomfortable changing anything here, for fear of killing their computer!

For businesses with lots of computers, checking which ones can be upgraded to Windows 11, and then checking the TPM chip in each is going to be a lot of work and hassle.

I heard a great phrase once – that to succeed in business “you should only do, what only you can do”.

I’m sure you and your team have better things to do than fiddle with complicated settings in your computers! So…

Would you like my team to check your computers for you, to see which can be upgraded to Windows 11?

And, of course, check that special TPM chip is enabled?

We do all the hard work for our clients so they don’t even have to think about it

We don’t just support our clients. We partner with them in every way we can. Getting involved in every aspect of their business where we can add value and make everyone’s lives easier. If you don’t have this kind of partnership with your IT support company, let’s jump on a video call for 15 minutes. We can explore how you work; how we work and see if there’s an opportunity to partner.

There’s no commitment to buy anything or take it further. It’s just a chance for us to talk. Call us at (507) 454-2475 or click on this link to start the process of us helping you with the Windows 11 upgrade.