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You have a 1 in 3 chance of being hit by ransomware

Have you heard of ransomware?

If not, what I’m about to reveal may scare you. And for good reason too. Ransomware terrifies IT professionals such as me.

We all wish that more business owners and managers were more aware of it, and how disruptive it can be.

Ransomware is a dangerous type of attack, where hackers get into your computer or entire network. Once inside they encrypt the data they find.

This means your business can’t access its own data. Could you imagine how crippling that would be?

To return it, the hackers demand a ransom fee. But even paying the fee is no guarantee your data will be returned. And sometimes the hackers can destroy your business’s backups as well.

I’ve just been reading the latest stats for this year. They reveal:

  • 32% of victims paid a ransom fee
  • But on average they only got 65% of their data back
  • And the total cost of ransomware this year was more than $20 billion

Most ransomware is a trojan, meaning it relies on someone accidentally triggering it by opening an attachment or visiting an unsecured website.

Put another way…

It only takes one click on one bad link and the damage is done

In 2022, it’s predicted that ransomware is going to disrupt more than a third of businesses. Scary stuff. However, there is some positive news.

There are many proactive things you can do to protect your business

Such as using extra security services, and training your staff what to look out for. A blended security approach such as this can work very well and keep your defenses high.

Let me tell you why I know so much about this.

My name is Ben Adank, and I’m the President and CEO of Itechra, Inc.

We specialize in helping to keep business’s data safe, as well as proactive IT support.

Lots of businesses around here trust us. We use proven technology that’s tailored to the exact setup they need.

We don’t just support our clients. We partner with them in every way we can.

Getting involved in every aspect of their business where we can add value and make everyone’s lives easier.

If the thought of ransomware scares you, let’s jump on a video call for 15 minutes

We can explore your current security setup and see if there’s room for improvement. I’ll be totally honest with you. If I can’t see any possible improvements, I’ll tell you.

I’m not interested in selling you something for the sake of it. I would rather partner with clients for years than make a quick buck.

Once we’ve spoken, there’s no commitment to buy anything or take it further. It’s just a chance for us to talk.

Click on this link to schedule a time to talk or if you’ve got any questions before booking some time with me, email

Looking forward to speaking to you soon.

Itechra Team

Itechra Team

From 2000, we set out to solve what was then a major problem for small businesses: having difficulty keeping up with their IT needs. We noticed that large corporations often had multiple employees specializing in different aspects of the industry and realized this approach could work well also among smaller organizations who might not be able to sustain such teams, but still require help managing an oversized workload. We provide a single resource for all your IT issues.