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7 Common Antivirus Myths Debunked

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With the number of cyberattacks growing by the day, cybersecurity should be at the top of all to-do lists – for both organizations and individuals. Viruses, malware, and other sneaky hacking tactics are a severe risk to anyone, which is why having the proper lines of defense is essential.


One of the best ways to protect yourself from this growing level of attacks? Antivirus software. Hopefully, your IT service provider has set you up with the best software for your company. If not, you’re going to want to start shopping for a provider who knows the ins and outs of antivirus options.


Though antivirus software is great at keeping you safe, there’s a variety of information out there regarding its capabilities that we want to address. Before working with your provider to find the right software, take a look at these seven common antivirus myths:


Myth: Apple Devices Are More Secure


One of the most prevalent myths we hear about antivirus is that it’s not necessary for specific brands of devices. For example, some believe that they’re more secure if they use Apple products. We hear this about Google Chromebooks as well.


The truth is, all devices can fall victim to the workings of cybercriminals. It’s unfortunate, but no brand stands above the rest here. That’s why it’s vital to use the right antivirus software and take your cybersecurity measures seriously. 


Myth: Antivirus Will Only Slow You Down


We’ve heard countless people say that they worry about using antivirus because they can’t have it slow down their devices. It’s one of the main reasons people don’t prioritize its powerful security capabilities. And though antivirus will take up some of the space on your device, the best software won’t slow things down.


On the other side of the coin, we’ve also heard people claim that this antivirus software will increase the speed of their device. This is also false, though it will protect you against malware and viruses that would be responsible for slowing down your device. When you use the right program, your device will function properly while keeping you safe from hackers.


Myth: Antivirus Protects You From Everything


We wish this one were true, but it’s simply another antivirus myth. If you use the internet, you’re a potential victim of cybercrime. Antivirus is an excellent level of protection from cyberattacks, of course, but it doesn’t make you invincible.


That being said, it’s important not to adopt the mentality that viruses are inevitable. You’ll have a much better chance at staying safe from cybercriminals should you have the right antivirus software in place. It’s smarter to put the proper protections in place instead of thinking that cyberattacks are bound to happen. 


Myth: Free Antivirus Is Just as Good


Another myth that would be convenient if true, but unfortunately is false. There are hundreds if not thousands of antivirus programs online, many free. The difference between free and paid antivirus? Outstanding features.


Free antivirus software doesn’t have the same capabilities as paid antivirus software. So if you’re serious about reducing the risk of cyberattacks, it’s best to go with a paid option. These programs are full of premium protection features that will keep both you and your business safe. And don’t worry about a hefty price tag – there are affordable antivirus solutions that you can choose from, still full of excellent features.


Myth: You Only Need Antivirus on Your Computer


Though this would be nice, you must install antivirus on all devices – from laptops to smartphones to tablets. Hackers can find you as you’re using any of these devices, so ensuring you’re using them safely is crucial to protecting your data and information.


Talk to your IT service provider about which applications you can use depending on your operating system. They should provide you with more information about the types of antivirus you can use for each of your devices.


Myth: Hackers Aren’t Targeting Me


Those who convince themselves that they’re not going to fall victim to cybercrimes are often the ones that do. For example, many believe that only large organizations or wealthy individuals are at risk of being hacked. This is false.


All device users are at risk of a cyberattack. Hackers don’t simply target Fortune-500 companies – thousands of individuals fall victim to their attacks each day. Your data and information are important to you, so it’s best to stay vigilant and use the right antivirus software to stay protected from cyber traps. 


Myth: You Only Visit Safe Websites


Often, we hear from companies whose employees claim to only visit “safe” or work-related websites. But unfortunately, this doesn’t matter to cybercriminals. You’re just as likely to get attacked if you’re on a news website or a clothing store website – it doesn’t matter.


That’s why using the right antivirus software is so important. Cybercriminals can come after you regardless of your browsing history. Sometimes, they actually target websites that seem safer since most users won’t suspect anything malicious. Implement antivirus software so you can protect your information no matter the sites you visit.


Using the Right Antivirus Software


Your mind might be spinning when you think about the number of options you have when it comes to antivirus software. Luckily, our team of experts is here to help you find the program that’s right for you. We’ll analyze your needs and present you with a list of software that will help you stay safe on each of your devices.

Still have questions when it comes to antivirus software? Send us a message today, and we’ll help you navigate the ever-changing world of cybersecurity. Together, we’ll make sure you’re as protected as possible when it comes to today’s savviest cybercriminals!

Itechra Team

Itechra Team

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