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Cyber Security and Why It’s So Important

How important is computer and cyber security?

Cyberattacks can affect any person at any time. Cyberattacks are so common in todays world that it has become second nature to many people. This is a good thing because more and more people are aware of the threat. This is a great starting point with you, your business and your employees. Knowledge is power!

Let’s take a look at some facts to put cyber security in perspective

According to a National Small Business Association Report, 44% of US small businesses were the victim of a cyber-attack. Each one of those attacks cost the business on average $9,000? The National Cybersecurity Alliance’s recently reported 59% of small and midsize businesses do not have a contingency plan that outlines procedures for responding to and reporting data breaches? Also, 77% of small firms believe their company is SAFE from a cyber-attack even though 83% of those firms don’t have a written security policy.

Why this affects smaller businesses more

Large companies are able to absorb the costs of a cyber-incident. However, if the same happens to a small to medium sized business it could possibly end them. Oftentimes, we forget the type of threats we all most commonly face. If you don’t have a security plan and a disaster recovery plan that includes a full backup of your data in place, today’s a great day to start. Consider every scenario. You’ll remember details that need to happen and would be totally forgotten in the middle of a crisis.