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New Updates Coming Soon to the USB

We’re all familiar with the USB. After all we’ve been using it with our computers since 1996, and now with mobile devices too.

Yes… it’s really been a whole 26 years. Which, when you think about it, is a pretty long time.

Of course, USB has changed and improved over the years. And now there’s finally another new improvement due in the next few months!

And without USB it would be much harder to connect different types of devices, charge them, and transfer data.

One benefit to this new upgrade is that you won’t need to buy any new USB accessories or cables.

The USB Promoter Group, which is the industry body that drives USB improvements, recently announced the planned release of USB 4 2.0.

And what’s so important about this new update?

This new update will actually allow you to double the speeds of data transfer on cables you already own – so long as they’re no more than a couple of years old.

This new standard will see a maximum data transfer performance of up to 80 gigabits per second. Which means data transfer will be about twice as fast as before.

It means displays will perform better and data will transfer faster.

Great news to improve productivity in your business!

The USB Promoter Group is made up of tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, HP, and Intel.

Its primary job is to develop USB capabilities to meet the demand of the current market and to extend support for more platform types.

We expect to have an update on USB 4 2.0 in sometimes next month.

If you want improved productivity and performance in your business before the end of the year, get in touch with us at Itechra. There are always ways to make things faster and more efficient in every business.

Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

Itechra Team

Itechra Team

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